12 Mar

A new exciting dish now served at ConviCuisine, a new truly Low Cal Chicken Tikka Masala! on Fluffy White Rice

Tikka Masala as we know and love it is rumoured to have been invented in Glasgow in the 1960’s, when to please a customer, a Bangladeshi chef hastily whipped up a spiced tomato sauce. This legendary curry has been made sumptuous, retains its signature flavours, and yet is low calorie. In fact, this Chicken Tikka Masala, achieves green status in every category of the Food Standards Agency’s traffic light system. Each Tender Chicken Tikka Masala contains over half the average man or woman’s RDA of this essential nutrient.  It helps keep your daily sugar intake within recommended levels. 12g of sugar is amazingly low for a Tikka Masala, even compared to other ‘healthy’ versions. Cook, stir, and check the meal is piping hot. Then, enjoy.

Join us for lunch, because this dish isn’t just food; it’s a comforting embrace in culinary form.

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New truly Low Cal Chicken Tikka Masala
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