Bespoke workplace catering fit out

Hot Food - Confectionery - Cold Drinks - Hot Drinks Vending

Convicuisine can serve it all, we can provide a large range of all your favourite snacks and cold drinks. But that's not all, we offer so much more, how about a bacon sandwich or a hot breakfast muffin? Perhaps a bag of Walkers cheese and onion crisps finished of with a diet coke? Or maybe you need a good cooked meal, how about beaded chicken katsu curry and a fresh cup of tea? Our vending machines can serve it all, 24/7 in your workplace. Use the contact form to enquire.

Coffee shop style beverages, plus chocolate & soups

Imagine the morale boost it would bring and how delighted your staff would be when ordering fresh bean to cup coffees made using one of Italy's biggest coffee roasters, Kimbo. Cappuccinos and latte's made with real Italian beans roasted in Naples.

Delicious chilled soft serve ice cream vending

More than just ordinary vending, with Convicuisine you can help yourself to a delicious chilled soft serve ice cream from our fully automatic self serve machine.