12 Mar

A new exciting dish now served at ConviCuisine, Panko Breaded Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce on Fluffy White Rice

There’s something incredibly comforting about a dish that combines the crunch of panko breaded chicken breast with the tangy kick of oriental sweet and sour sauce, all served on a bed of perfectly cooked, fluffy white rice. It’s a dish that promises a symphony of textures and flavours, satisfying the soul as much as the stomach. This classic take-away dish can be enjoyed again and again, it combines a contemporary low saturated fat, high protein recipe packed with a sweet yet tangy, aromatic twang that will make even the most stubborn, set-in-its-ways heart sing.

Join us for lunch, because this dish isn’t just food; it’s a comforting embrace in culinary form.

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